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DarreLl cohen


Darrell Cohen is an experienced Lawyer with a career spanning over 30 years. He is widely respected for his legal expertise and his unwavering commitment to serving his clients needs while protecting their investments.  Throughout his professional journey, Darrell has built a successful practice and established himself as a trusted advisor in the legal community.

Darrell obtained his law degree form the esteemed University of Alberta, following his graduation he embarked on his legal career to return to his beloved home of Calgary, where has resided for over 45 years.  In 1997, he founded his own law practice, a milestone that marked the beginning of a thriving legal career.

Darrell’s pragmatic approach to law ensures that he efficiently and effectively handles each clients matters and strives to achieve the best possible outcome.  Darrell’s commitment to his clients goes beyond legal expertise. He places a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships, fostering open communication and actively listening to his clients’ concerns. By understanding their unique circumstances and objectives, Darrell develops tailored strategies that address their needs effectively.

Darrell’s years of experience, combined with his genuine dedication to his clients, makes his a trusted advocate and advisor. Whether you are an individual or business entity, you can rely on Darrell’s expertise and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for your legal matter.